Fortunate Sons is a group of Marines bound by a commitment to raising awareness and support for injured Marines.  It began with a simple idea, complete an arduous task in remembrance of brothers in arms that have been wounded in the defense of freedom.  Through the notion of civic duty, the Fortunate Sons have voluntarily donated their time and effort for personal reasons.  Some hike in honor of fallen comrades, others in hopes that their effort will raise money for a phenomenal cause, but all will hike because they have the utmost gratitude and admiration for those that have sacrificed so much.  The Fortunate Sons’ goal is to raise $1,000,000 and as much awareness as possible for the Injured Marines’ Semper Fi Fund.

In order to accomplish this goal, they sought an appropriately arduous task, and like so many things in the Marine Corps, the idea started with a hike.  The 1,000 mile Mountains-to-Sea Trail provided a perfect venue for this hike as it stretches from one end of North Carolina to the other.  On October 2nd, the Marines will depart Clingman’s Dome in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and walk for 43 days straight.  Fortunate Sons will average a marathon a day and complete their journey along the Outer Banks at Jockey’s Ridge State Park, on November 13th.  They will accomplish this feat as a relay, with two Marines on the trail at all times.    During this journey, they will have the opportunity to see the beauty of the great state of North Carolina, meet her people, and participate in civic functions along the way.   With planned events at the send off, throughout the journey, and a final event to celebrate completion. The people of North Carolina will have the opportunity to participate and support the team in a number of ways.

The Fortunate Sons financial goals required a truly deserving charitable organization.  Through significant research they discovered The Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund.  To date, this fund has given more than 30,000 grants totaling $50,000,000 to injured Marines, their families, and those service members that have been wounded in support of the Marine Corps.  With an operational cost of less than 5%, there are few orginzations in the world that can match the Semper Fi Fund’s use of donated money.  This organization was a perfect fit for the Fortunate Sons as it shares the same selfless dedication to wounded Marines and their families.  Now that the Fortunate Sons are allied with the Semper Fi Fund, this mechanism for hope and cause, the real work begins…raising awareness and money for injured Marines.

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